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Book review - The Well Gardened Mind

Posted: Monday 12 February 2024

Are you wondering how social and therapeutic horticulture benefits our mental health? Take a look at this book review and then take it from there...

Book review - The Well Gardened Mind

In our 'What is STH' section of our Resources page you can find a review of the book 'The Well Gardened Mind' by Sue Stuart-Smith. It's an excellent introduction.

The House of Lords recognises the benefits of horticulture

Posted: Wednesday 22 November 2023

The House of Lords Committee delved into the world of horticulture, including the health benefits. What did they have to say about it?

The House of Lords Committee has recognised the potential benefits from horticulture and green spaces, and says 'Social prescribing and horticultural therapy programmes could provide significant benefits for those struggling with mental and physical ill-health and may reduce the burden on the NHS, but this must be properly resourced and regulated'. #wellbeing #horticulture #SocialPrescribing

New Nature Connectedness Handbook for organisations

Posted: Monday 2 October 2023

A new Nature Connectedness handbook for organisations

Do you have responsibility for staff welfare in your organisation? Then you might want to look at this new handbook.

'The handbook offers a brief outline of the science of nature connection, explains why nature connection is important for organisations, and offers a framework and tips for bringing nature connection into an organisation. It identifies opportunities for connecting staff with nature, opportunities to develop spaces and processes that are nature connecting, and opportunities for going deeper and embedding nature connectedness into organisational culture. By closing the gaps between humans and the more-than-human world, nature-connected organisations support the mental wellbeing of their staff, make direct contributions to nature’s wellbeing, and champion transformational change to a more sustainable future for all.'

(from a blog by Dr Carly Butler, Researcher in Nature Connectedness, University of Derby)

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