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Thrive Life Changers Therapeutic Gardening

Posted: Friday 10 May 2024

Thrive is launching a free, four month therapeutic gardening programme for those living with life changing illness or injury. Starting Summer 2024 on Tuesdays 10.30-3.30

Thrive Life Changers Therapeutic Gardening

Thrive is launching a new programme, Life Changers  in Summer 2024, it is a free four month gardening programmed designed for those with life changing illness or injury to enable them to experience the joy of gardening in Thrive's  garden in Beech Hill, Reading. Whether recovering from a stroke, cancer or surgery or living with a long term condition like diabetes, multiple sclerosis or Long Covid, people experiencing a life changing health condition can experience the therapeutic benefits of gardening, build new friendships and increase social networks and build confidence to regain or maintain an active healthy and independent life. 

Typical activities include seed sowing, planting bulbs, pruning, weeding, planting salads and herbs to encourage healthy eating and craft activities such as making Christmas wreaths.  Sessions are planed to improve general health and wellbeing and to work on goals identified by participants such as increasing stamina, mobility and balance, improving fine motor skills, increasing memory and information retention or strengthening  muscles. 

Tuesdays 10.30-3.30pm 

For more information or to register Tel 0118 988 4844 /





Being active in nature can save the country £millions

Posted: Monday 29 April 2024

Being active in nature saves the health budget money as well as being good for health and wellbeing

Being active in nature can save the country £millions

Researchers estimated the annual value of nature-based physical activity conducted in England in 2019 in terms of avoided healthcare and societal costs of disease. In 2019, 22 million adults > 16 years of age in England visited natural environments at least weekly. They estimated that meant savings of £108.7million that year.

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Green Social Prescribing conference

Posted: Monday 18 March 2024

Not all conferences start with getting stuck into compost ... practitioners Neil and Mark from Thrive show delegates how to take cuttings at the Green Social Prescribing conference.

Green Social Prescribing conference

We were delighted to welcome to the Museum of English Rural Life over 30 people from different strands of health and wellbeing last week, to see what we can do together to embed Green Social Prescribing in Reading. This was a conference run jointly by Reading Voluntary Action and Reading Green Wellbeing Network. More detail and pictures on our LinkedIn page

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